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Food and Health Notes

Define the term `balanced diet'
A balanced diet is one that contains all the nutrients required for health in appropriate

Explain how compumption of an unbalanced diet can lead to malnutrition, with reference
to obsesity.
Malnutition is caused by an unbalanced diet. Obseity is a…

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Describe how the use of chemicals, including fertilisers and pesticides (plants) and
antibiotics (animals) can boost food production.
Fertilisers replace minerals in the soil which have been removed by previous crops. They increase
the rate of growth and the overall size of the crops. Pesticides kills organisms that cause disease…

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HIV/AIDS is transmitted through exchange of bodily fluids, unprotected sex, unscreened blood
transfusions, unsteralised surgical equipment, sharing needles, across placenta or during
childbirth, from mother to baby through breastfeeding.
TB is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is transmitted through droplet infection
and when a person coughs, sneezes, laughs or…

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Describe, with the aid of diagrams, the structure of antibodies
Four polypeptide chains held together by disulfide. Constant region which is the same for all
antibodies which allows phagocytic cells to attach to it. Varible regions which has a specific shape
amd differs in each antibodies which means that it…

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Differentiation: T helper cell release cytokines that stimulate B cells to develop which stimulate
phagocytocis by the phagocytes. T killer cells which attack and kills infected cells. T memory cells.
B lymphocytes develop into plasma cells which flow around the bloos releasing antibodies or
memory cells which remain in the…

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Natural sources from tropical plants, because there are a great many species so they may be
many new medicinal drugs to discover. Antibiotics like bacterium Streptomyces have many
antibiotics which can be developed from them.

Describe the effects of smoking on the mammalian gas exchange, with reference to the

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There are 3 forms of CHD: angina, which is a sever pain in the chest, heart attack which is the
death of part of the heart muscle and heart failure which is when the heart cannot sustain its
pumping action.

Stroke is the death of part of a brain tissue…


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