Digital & Social Trends

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Social Media For business

- Application of commercial technology to analysis, planning, execution and evaluation of programs which influence TA voluntary behaviour

- in order to improve their personal welfare and that of society.

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Technology Determinism

  • Shapes how we as individual think, feel & act in society
  • Shapes how society operates
  • This is as we move from tech age to another
  • Essentially - how technology drives society nd influences culture.
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Long Tail Theory

  • Cost of production & distribution falls (especially online) 
  • Less need to lump consumer & products into 'one size fits all' box. 
  • In era w/o constraints of physical shelf space/ other distributon bottlenecks
  • Narrowly targeted goods can be as economically attractive as mainstream
  • small businesses can capitalise on niche products.
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Hive Mind

  • Swarm Intelligence / Crowdsourcing
  • Individualism VS Collectivism
  • Tech enables group conversations & community building
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Culture of the Amateur


  • "Most of us have strong opinions yet most of us are profoundly informed"    (2007) 
  • "history has proven that the crowd isn't often very wise" 
  • "Mass participation in ideas improve thier quality" 
  • Everyone thinks their an expert 
  • Enables Small Business to engage & capitalise 
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  • Understanding - "Social Media & Digital Marketing is about Psychology & Sociology, more so than Technology" - Brian Solis
  • Where is the line for Digital Marketing? 

     - Online?

     - Offline? 

     - Or just digital? 

  • Consumers are Changing - Kids spent 2x more time online than their parents think - Average start of internet use age  is 3. 
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Digital Natives: Myth VS Reality

  • Younger generation seen as talented tech users. 
  • Access to digital tech is determined by socio-economic status, gender and class.
  • Engagement is sporadic
  • Digital tech use is blended with passive forms of media consumption.
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Digital Divide

  • Home internet use is determined by country's economic development.
  • Home internet use is shaped by socio-economic status and class.
  • Home internet use is structured by family structure.
  • Home internet use is determined by gender. 
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