What is Digital Marketing? (DM)

DM is a supercharged version of DrM. 

It is about communicating with customers in real time over digital channels, which enables:

  • Increased insights from data analytics
  • Improved targeting and repsonse
  • The ability to create seamless cusomer experiences

DM is about using digital channels to market to and profit from prospects and customers. 

Digital Marketing is customer led rather than customer focused.

Dialogue between business and customer --- increased engagement --- opportunity for customer amplification and co-creation. 

DRM and DM differences

DrM (Direct Response Marketing)                                           DM

- Customer focused, personalised                                          All of direct but....
- Relevant, targeted - right time/place/content                      - Customer led
- Strategy built on insight data and real world                       - A dialogue
 (data driven)                                                                         - Additional data insight 
- Evidence based, delivers measurable results                    - Seamless customer experience 


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