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His fith way:

Everything in the world follows a natural law even things that are concious beings

Things which follow natural law tend to have a purpose

But things cant direct themselves towards a purpose if they are not concious - arrow

Therefore everything in the world must be directed by something which does not think - god

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Imagine you found a watch on the ground.  Watches are so complex and intricate that you cant imagine it has come about by chance.  Something must have made it to fit together - watchmaker.

The human eye, the wing of a bird, the fin of a fish, the planets - points towards a designer.

Even if we had never seen a watch before we would assume there was a designer.

Even if parts of the watch were not working we would assume there was a designer.

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The evil in the world...

If we follow what the teleological argument tells us to do then surely we must conclude that the designer is evil because there is so much evil in the world.

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Aptness of analogy...

You cant compare the whole universe to a manchine by chossing to compare the universe to a watch we have already decided the outcome of the argument - did not directly critize Paley.

The argument from effect to cause...

You cant make conclusions about a designer just by looking at the effects.

The epicurean Thesis...

The idea that if we suppose the universe is wternal and in a constant state of changes, the chances would be that it would one day randomly get to the stage where things just happoen to look ordered.

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