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  • John Godber- Teechers (1987) (Drama)
    • Influences
      • Home town of Hull
      • World around him, people he meets.
      • Landscape around him
      • Prior career as a teacher
      • Friends and collegues such as Alan  Ayckbourn
      • Chekhov
    • Style
      • Stylistic Feachers
        • Stock Charactures
        • Comidy
        • Use of music to add meaning
        • Realistic performance
          • Elements of epic theature
        • Believer of theatre for the masses
        • Believer of social realism and social change
      • Language is realistic/ convosational
      • Focus on working class comuniy
      • Realistic play with realistic charactures
      • Many of his plays explore his northen background
    • Performance Techniques (demands on a performer)
      • Multirole-quickly
      • Physical theature
      • Exaggerated characturisation
      • Stereotypes
      • Colloquial/elliptical language
      • Fast Paced-episodic
      • Accents
      • Humour
      • Work with a limited set
      • Direct Address
    • Social Issues
      • Class system
      • Education system (2 tier system, Thatuerism)
        • Whitewall Special priority- working class
        • National problem
      • The removal of corpral punisment
      • Inappropriate behaviour between teachers and students
      • Disrespect towards teachers
      • Bad media towards teachers
      • Drink driving
      • John Godbers thoughts and political views expressed
        • Mr Nixons belief  in equality in education
      • Education and how its viewed by the working classes


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