George Gershwin

Revision for performance studies ( music section) includes the four songs; I got rhythm, Summertime, S'wonderful and Lady be good.

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I got rhythm- 5 note; pentatonic scale.

Summertime- Modal; ABCDEFG, Simple (as its a lullaby) & minor third (Melisma)

S'wonderful- Verse has a rising then falling sequence & repetitive tune in chorus.

Lady be good-Verse: repeated notes at start. Chorus; broken chord shapes linked by steps.

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I got rhythm- Jazz (in the chorus due to jazzy rhythms) and Blues (in the verse due to blues scale)

Summertime- Classical ( melody) and Jazz (Harmony)

S'wonderful- Jazz

Lady be good- Classical: repetitive type verse (operatic technque)

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I got rhythm- Verse A-B [Binary] and Chorus is A-B-A [Ternary] ntro is just 2 bars.

Summertime- A-B-A-C [RONDO] Intro: 7 bars and 3 ideas. 2 verses and no chorus.

S'wonderful- 4 bar intro, 2 verses & chorus is A-B-A (Ternary)

Lady be good- A-B-A throughout (Ternary) Intro: 4 bars.

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I got rhythm- Verse: G minor and Chorus is B flat major

Summertime- A minor (Blues)

S'wonderful- E flat major

Lady be good- Verse: E minor and Chorus is G Major.

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I got rhythm- Ira gershwin; music came first through using nonsense syllables (he said random words and syllables until he discovered a strong song) Word painting: Sigh. (when the the melody reflects the lyrics.)

Summertime- Word painting: Cry (Falling)

S'wonderful- Word painting: Glamorous, and sibilance in B of chorus 'S'wonderful, Emosh' etc.

Lady be good- some word painting: 'Blue' [G6]

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I got rhythm- Rhythm changes chorus: A 1,4,2,5 etc and B 'circle of 5ths'

Summertime- Am6 is a  gentle jazz chord. Based on blues sequence: 1+4+5 [ADE]

S'wonderful- Harmony changes under repeated notes.

Lady be good- verse: shifting chords under repeated notes. Chorus more jazzy and Blues influenced, eg use of C9.

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I got rhythm- 'Jumpy/Jazzy' due to syncopation, and it is repetative.

Summertime- Slow 4 Rhythm 3 matches lyrics well.

S'wonderful- Very simple, can be interpreted by singer (Rubato; Freestyle)

Lady be good- Verse: fairly static/straight and the chorus can be interpreted by singer (Rubato)

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