Descriptive Writing

techniques and devises

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See... Untouched boxes lay scattered across the hall.

Smell... The musty, damp sent hung in the air.

Touch... Spider webs tickled my arms as i brushed past the ancient mantle piece.

Tasted... I chocked on the taste of old dusty air that filled my mouth.

Heard... A sudden creak screeched threw the silent night as i stepped on a                           brittle floor board. 

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Deside on whether to use first, second or third person.... THIRD

Deside on whether to use past or present tense.... PAST


Pretend to be filming the scene you are describing


  • Inside to outside/ outside to inside
  • Corners of the room
  • Room to room
  • Time of day
  • General view, then zoom into details. 
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Couple of spelling mistakes and missed capital letters, but other than that pretty good (sorry about the Rating I clicked the wrong one)

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