Paper 1 Part B

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  • Paper 1 Part B
    • what to do?
      • write clearly and accurately.
      • Write in a style that matches genre, audience or purpous of the question
      • make sure your work is organised
      • Engage the reader
        • vocabulary
        • language techniques
        • sentance structure
        • punctuation
    • Story writing
      • structure it like a beginning of a novel
        • leave a cliffhanger
      • build up a atmosphere
      • Try to avoid speech
      • don't write too much.
    • Writing a description
      • A beginning that grabs the readers attention
      • A development. some kind of conflict
      • a change in perspective.
      • a sense of a ending
    • show off
      • range of language techniques
      • use a range of vocabulary
      • use a range of punctuation
    • Don't loses marks
      • Write in paragraphs
      • check SPaG


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