Decay Processes

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Decay Processes

Detritus feeders start the process by eating dead animals and producing waste materials.


Decomposers digest everything, using some of the nutrients to grow and reproduce.


They produce waste products - CO2, water and nutrients.


This recycling means the soil contains mineral ions plants need to grow and clean up dead organisms.

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Conditions for decay

Warm - chemical reactions in microorganisms work faster when warm, reactions slow down and stop if too cold and enzymes denature if too hot.


Moist - easier to dissolve foods, prevents drying out and microorganisms work better.


Plenty of O2 - decomposers respire and need O2 to release energy. 

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Using decay

Decay helps to recycle resources:

1. Sewage treatment plants

2. Compost heaps

3. Fertiliser


1. Reduces landfill

2. Better for environment

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