B2: Decay

Here is a set of revision cards for students taking AQA Additional Science. This set of cards are based on decay from the B2 (biology) section. Hope these cards help you to revise! Please rate and comment on how they can be improved :) Also, I have a study group called AQA Additional Science for students to discuss this topic and more. Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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Decay - Background Information

Decay = Living organisms decomposing, with their nutrients returning to the environment

The Decomposers (also known as detritus feeders)= a group of microorganisms (including bacteria and fungi) who feed on waste droppings and dead organisms

Nutrients = are used for growth as well as other processes and are later returned to the environment either in waste materials e.g urine and faeces or when living organisms die and decay

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During Decay

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is released as the organisms respire

the aerboic respiration equation:

oxygen +glucose ----> carbon dioxide + water + energy

  • Substances are released which plants need to grow e.g. nitrates
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Increasing The Rate Of Decay

The rate of decay is faster:

  • in warm, moist conditions
  • with lots of oxygen (O2)
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