Data Transmission Security Issues

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Security Issues

Data Transmitted over the netwoek could be vulnerable to eavesdropping.

Two techniques for this:

- Sniffing

- Spoofing

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A pocket sniffer that inspects all of the data that is transmitted over the network, even if they are not the intended recipient.

- WiFi = Vulnerable

- Mobile Broadband = Not Vulnerable

- Wired = Difficult to connect to the network without being noticed

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A computer pretends to be another computer in order to gain access to services, such as private data.

This is a key tool in DoS (Denial-Of-Service) attacks

All kinds of connections and networks are vulnerable, but easier on wireless due to ease of access

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Security Prevention Methods

There are specialist tools and techniques that are designed to help protect networks from these types of attacks.

These include:

- Firewalls

- Encryption

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Monitor traffic and block anything that appears to be dangerous or illegitimate.

Hardware firewalls protect the network.

Sofware firewalls protect individual devices.

Hardware firewalls are good for preventing Denial-of-Service Attacks

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Turns data transmitted into a coded form that cannot be read.

HTTPS uses encryption for transmitting data over ther web securely.

VPNs are also able to be used to create an encrypted connection via the Internet.

This helps to prevent data accessed through sniffing being read.

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