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Hard Woods

One Type of HardWood is Oak:

Oak is a light-Brown Colour that is tough and durible and a  very strong wood. The Grain is also attractive, especialy when the wood is quartersawn. Oak is mainly usesed in interior pannelling, flooring and furniture, however the downside with oak is that it does corrode steel screws and fittings.

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Hard Woods

The Second HardWood is: Mahogony 

Mahogony is a Red-Brownish colour thats durable and very easy to work with, however it is very expensive, so the wood is used in good quality furniture. 

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Hard Woods

The Third Hardwood is: Beech

Beech is a pinkish-Brown it is the type of wood that is hard enough to resist being dented, and can be bent using steam, this wood is used in chairs and toys.

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Hard Woods

The Forth hardwood is: Balsa

Balsa wood is white or can be a tanned colour, for a  hardwood it has a very low density and the wood is a very soft hardwood. It's softness makes it easy to cut, made and shaped.- this combined with a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it great for modelling. 

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Hard Woods

The final hardwood is: ASH

Ash is a pale cream colour that is tough enough and absorbs shock well, so it's used for tool handles and wooden sports equipment, it is also attractive and also is used for furniture. 

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