Cytoskeleton functions

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Cytoskeleton provides Mechanical Strength to Cells

  • Actin filaments: monomers of actin protein polymerize to form long thin fibres called micro filaments. Micro filaments form a band beneath the plasma membrane to provide mechanical strength and structure to the cell.
  • 3D structure
  • Internal network of scaffolding
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Cytoskeleton Aids transport within cells.

  • Microfilaments can attach to vesicles and pull them into the cell.
  • Movement of vesicles is thought to be controlled by the cytoskeleton.
  • Microtubule motors: used to move organelles along within the cell- this requires ATP.
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Cytoskeleton Enables Cell movement.

  • Collection of microfilaments and microtubules are continually in the process of assemply and dissassembly resulting in forces that move the cell.
  • There can also be sliding motions and lengthening and shortening of these structures.
  • Actin filaments push against each other causing the cell to move.
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