Current and Future Jobs GCSE SPANISH-vocab

I have weird ways in remembering vocab, and on these revision cards i have put clues on how to remember them: i apologise, some are weird-but its how i remember them!

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present and future jobs vocab-spanish (GCSE) 1

English                      Spanish                     Clue

lawyer                        el abogado                 N/A

cabin crew                 la azafata                    N/A

fireman                      el bombero                  they use water BOMBs

waiter                        el camarero                N/A

carpinter                    el carpintero               CARPINTer

postman                    el cartero                    CARTa-letters

cook/chef                  el cocinero                  COCINa-kitchen

accountant                el contable                  N/A

dentist                       el dentista                   without the 'N' it would be 'detista'-                                                                     and people dont like the dentist

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present and future jobs vocab-spanish (GCSE) 2

English                      Spanish                Clue

shop assistant           el dependiente       N/A

electrician                  el electricista          ELECTRICity

nurse                         el enfermo              N/A

writer                         el escritor               ESCRIbir

farmer                       el granjero              N/A

engineer                   el ingeniero             like 'engine'-but with an 'i' at the front

interpretor                 el intéprete              'they INTERPRET things'

gardener                el jardinero               JARDIN-garden

boss                        el jefe                         N/A

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present and future jobs vocab-spanish (GCSE) 3

English                       Spanish                      Clue

journalist                  el periodista                   N/A

painter                        el pintor                      sounds like painter

policeman                 el policía                        POLICe

receptionist              el recepcionista              RECEPtionist

secretary                 el secretario                   SECRETARy

soldier                      el soldado                       SOLDier

vet                          el veterinario                     VET

translator                  el traductor                      N/A

bricklayer                el albanil                            'all up my nail'-the cement used. :/

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present and future jobs vocab-spanish (GCSE) 5

English                          Spanish                  Clue

mechanic                     el mecánico              MEChanic

doctor                           el médico                  MEDICal

baker                           el panadero               they use PANs

hairdresser                 el peluquero               PELlo

truck driver                 el camionero              CAMION-truck

executive                    el ejecutivo                looks like executive

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