GCSE - Spanish vocab test - The Home and Home Life

An important list of Spanish vocab for GCSE Spanish with English translations. Hide and reveal the translations to test yourself on your vocab. Good revision for listening and reading exams.

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Spanish Vocab Test - The Home and Home Life
In the middle column write the translation of the Spanish word in the first column
and then to check unfill the third column to reveal the correct translation. Therefore
it is also possible to colour fill the Spanish column and translate the English.
Topic Spanish Translate English
Home life aire climatizado air conditioned
aire acondicionado air conditioning
aspiradora vaccum
ático atic
balcón balcony
barrera barrier
bodega cellar
bombilla bulb
calección central central heating
calefacción heating
casa adosada semi detached house
casa de campo country house/Cottage
casa independiente detached house
cerradura lock
chimenea chimney
cubo de basura bin
domicilio home
equipo de hi-fi hi-fi equiptment
escalera ladder
estéreo stereo
florero vase
hogar home
ladrillo brick
luz light
moqueta carpet
mudanza move
mueble piece of furniture
muro wall
nevera fridge
pared wall
pasillo corridor
patio patio
pintura painting
pipa pipe
plancha iron
puerta door
puerta principal front door
radiador radiator
radio radio
rincón corner
señas / dirección address
siesta siesta (nap)
silla chair
suelo soil
techo roof
tejado roof
ventana window
Rooms cocina kitchen

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ño bathroom
dormitorio bedroom
estudio study
garaje garage
sala de estar living room
salón living room
sótano basement
vestíbulo lobby/hall way
Materials acero steel
algodón cotton
cartón cardboard
cerámica ceramic
cristal glass
cuero leather
hierro iron
lana wool
madera wood
metal metal
nilón nylon
oro gold
papel paper
plástico plastic
plata silver
plomo lead
seda silk
tela fabric
vidrio glass
Adjectives amueblado furnished
antiguo old
casado married
eléctrico electric
electrónico electronic
elegante elegant
elevado high
equipado equipped
exterior exterior
interior interior
magnífico magnificent
moderno modern…read more

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ír to fry
lavar los platos to wash the dishes
levantar(se) to wash onself
maquillarse to apply make up to oneself
mudarse to move
pasar la aspidora to vaccum clean
peinarse to comb oneself
planchar to iron
poner la mesa to set the table
ponerse la ropa to put clothes on onself
quitar la mesa to clear the table
regar to water
roncar to snore
vestirse to dress oneself
The living room aguja needle
alfiler pin
alfombra carpet
aparador dresser
armario cabinet
cojín cushion
cómoda…read more

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ábana sheet
tocador dressing table/boudoir
The Bathroom baño bath
cepillo brush
champù shampoo
ducha shower
grifo tap
higiene hygiene
jabón soap
lavabo sink
máquina de afeitar shaver
papel higiénico toilet paper
pasta de dientes tooth paste
peine comb
perfume perfume
secadora dryer
toalla towel
The Garden césped grass
cortacésped lawnmower
jardín garden
manzano apple/apple tree
peral pear/pear tree
planta plant
rosa rose
seto fence
violeta violet…read more

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Ms Casas

A very complete resource that will help you to practise and revise the vocabulary related to the topic Home, Town and Daily Routine in detail. 

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