Singh song


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Singh Song

  • Form: uses rhymes - gives the poem a light hearted feel, using other voices shows how fits into the community, the poem is like a song with a chorus and verses
  • Structure: alternates between different descriptions - his marriage and the complaints from the customers, repeated chorus shows how he often neglects his work
  • Humourous descriptions: uses entertaining images to describe his family and wife, he also uses romantic and humourous descriptions towards his wife - which makes it light hearted
  • Phonetic Indian English: voices in the poem sometimes combine indian and english words together making new ones, this shows the influence of both cultures in the poem
  • Love: the narrator is in love with his new bride, enjoys spending time with her, she runs an online dating agency - modern attitude to love]
  • Rebellion: his wife makes fun of his parents- which he finds amusing, they dont open and close at the right time - rebelling against his father.
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