English structure for analysing Poems

This is a clear structure to use when ananlysing poems in your English exam, Hope this helps :)

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How to S.T.R.I.V.E. a poem
You must write a maximum of 3 lines for the story only. You receive no marks
for this section; it is just a nice introduction. You always begin the same way.
State the name of the poem. (Names of the poem must be in quotation marks).
State who it was written by and very briefly explain what the poem is about.
A* Example
`Presents from my aunt in Pakistan' by Moniza Alvi is about a girl thrown
between two cultures.
Explain the tone of the poem. Is it happy? Or is it sad? What techniques are
used to show this? (P.E.E.) Remember that poems have different tones. For
example it could be happy at the start and near the end it starts to become sad.
If this is the case you will need to write two paragraphs (P.E.E.) for each tone
included in the poem.
A* Example
The poem begins with a happy positive tone as the narrator describes her
present `glistering like an orange spilt open'. This simile creates a beautiful
dazzling image to show the vibrant of not only her presents, but all so her
Pakistan culture.
However, although the poem appears to be happy it switches to sad tone as the
narrator describes her present `My costume clung to me'. This alliteration
sentences gives the reader an impression that she does not belong to Pakistan
culture and she feels like she does not fit in with the culture because she
describes her traditional outfit as a costume.
Rhyme and Rhythm
Explain what Rhyme Scheme the poem uses. You must not use; a, b, c, d, e, f, g,
etc. (any letters) to describe the rhyme scheme. You must state the actual
technique. You must quote to show this and explain why it has been used. It
uses; Rhyming Couplets, End Rhyme or Internal Rhyme.
Do not state that it helps the poem flow, this is not an answer. If the poem does
not use rhyme, state it is written in free verse, but to gain marks you have to
explain why. Similarity to the tone section if there are two rhyme schemes in
the poem, you must mention them and PEE twice.
Explain the rhythm of the poem. Is it fast? Or slow? What techniques are
showed to illustrate this? If there are two types of speed in the poem you need
to mention both, and PEE twice.
A* Example

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In `Present from my aunt in Pakistan' it is written in free verse. This is because
the narrator is confused and therefore its tone is continuous changing from
positive to negative one.
This section should be 3 to 4 paragraphs long. You are looking for; smiles,
metaphors, personification and colour imagery. You must make a point state
the technique and explain the effects.
A* Example
There is a lot of imagery used in the poem `Island Man'.…read more

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