The Cultural Revolution:

  • Causes/Reasons
  • Events
  • Consequences
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Causes - Power Struggle

  • Since he stepped back from power Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaping had been gaining power
  • Jan/Feb 1962 Liu embarrassed Mao at the 7000 Cadres meeting by accepting blame for GLF failures without consulting Mao
  • May 1963 Mao appears to regain power when his Socialist Education Movement is implemented however Liu and Deng continue to undermine him by publishing contradicting documents. Liu and Deng retain power and Mao doesn't
  • 1965 Liu is relected as President in a blaze of glory
    • A final straw for Mao as reestablishes Liu's growing power
  • Mao needs to act to regain power
  • Cultural Revolution a means by which to do this
  • Proof in Liu being attacked during revolution
    • Falling from 2nd to 8th in the party
    • Died under house arrest in 1969
  • Cultural revolution must have aimed to remove Mao's oppenents as many of them were attacked
    • Therefore Cultural revolution caused by Mao's need to restore power and win power struggle
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Causes - Influence of Khrushchev's Fall

  • Khrsuchchev lost power in Russia in October 1964
  • He lost it because of economic failures - with which similarites can be drawn with Mao
  • Mao feared he may suffer the same fate
  • CR therefore put in place to secure his future
  • Any opposition who could lead to his downfall removed (incl. power struggle but alos smaller threats to Communist regime throughout China)
  • Support of youth to emsure would no rebel against him
  • CR was a protection mechanism
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Causes - Immortality

  • Getting old, Mao reflected on his own mortality
  • He wanted his legacy to live on after his death
  • A momentous event eg the CR would secure his place in history
  • Mao began to influence all aspects of life
    • Little Red Book
    • Tiananmen Square rallies (1st in August 1966)
  • Ensured he would be immortal in Chinese history
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Causes - Change Culture

  • Remoce 4 Olds
    • Custom
    • Habits
    • Ideals
    • Culture
  • Mao wanted to modernise culture through the CR
  • Attacked Museums/Temples/anything bourgeoise
    • Fingers broken for playing Chopin
  • Madame Mao assisted with this reinventing Chinese Culture in a form of propaganda
    • She declared ghosts bourgeoise
  • As suggested in the name the CR did have many aims to reinvent Chinese culutre- this was a cause
    • However nothing replace the culture whihc was lost so perhaps it was not a geniune attempt- this could have beena cover cause to promote Mao's ideolgy against bourgeoise
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Causes - Socialist push

  • During the CR Mao attacked teaching methods and replaced many doctors with untrained bare foot doctors
  • Mao wanting cultural and social reform may therefore be cause
  • Teachers attacked and some killed
    • Clear that Mao encouraged change here
  • By removing the elitist systems in China Mao went some way to spreading socialist ideals across China
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