Crime and Punishment: Key Teachings/Scriptures

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God and Evil Intentions and Actions

  • '...anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already commited adultery with her in his heart'- Matthew 5
  • Evil Actions = Sinful = Original Sin
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Reasons for Crime: Poverty

  • 'If Christians don't dig deep and generously open their hearts, they don't have genuine faith'- Pope Francis
  • 10 commandments- Thou shall not steal
  • 'From poverty growing rife, stealing increased.' -Digha Nikaya
  • 2nd Moral Precept 
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Reasons for Crime: Upbringing

  • Parable of the Sheep and Goat- Help/support those who had poor upbringing 
  • Metta-Loving Kindness - support/understand
  • Leads to Compassion, eliminates 3 poisons 
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Reasons for Crime: Mental Illness

  • Kleptomania - addiction to stealing 
  • Anger Issues - may cause violence e.g. Assault/Murder etc. 
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Reasons For Crime: Greed

  • 10 Commandments - Don't Covet (be envious of others' possessions)
  • 3 poison (Cockrel) leads to bad karma and suffering 
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Reasons for Crime: Hatred

  • 'Love thy neighbor, like thyself' 
  • 3 Poisons leads to bad karma and suffering
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Reason for Crime: Addiction

  • Drunkness = Sin for Catholics
  • 'Love thy neighbor, like thyself'- Provides Support 
  • 3rd Precept- No intoxicants
  • Metta- Provides Support 
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Reasons for Crime: Opposition to Unjust Law

  • 'For there is no authority except...God'
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Attitudes to Crime

  • Christians believe that it is a good action to help prisoners- Parable of the Sheep and Goat
  • Buddhism believe everyone can change E.g. Story of Anguilmala 
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Hate Crimes

  • Show Compassion and Agape Love- 'Love thy neighbor, like thyself' 
  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan 
  • Hatred is a 3 Poison
  • Results in Unskillful actions - bad Karma
  • Acts as a barrier to enlightenment 
  • Instead Develop Metta 
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  • Goes against 10 Commandment- Thou shall not Steal
  • 'Love of money is the root of all evil'
  • Breaks 2nd Precept 
  • Strengthens Greed - 3 Poison
  • Lack of respect for others
  • Leads to Dukkha (Suffering)
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  • Ten commandment - Thou shall not kill
  • Only God can take life 
  • For Argument: 'an eye for an eye' 
  • 'You shall not take life' 
  • A monk would be expelled from monastrey for murder 
  • For Argument: In the past life, Buddha was a captain of a ship when he killed one bandit to save the lives of 500- Links to Utiltarianism 
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  • For: 'an eye for an eye'
  • Against: '...overcome evil with good'
  • 'we should not seek revenge on those who have commited crimes against us' - Dalai Lama
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  • Public humiliation- doesn't show respect
  • May not work if people have grip of 3 poisons
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  • Allows Forgiveness - Key Christian Belief
  • 'Turn the other cheek'
  • Criminals encouraged to change, results in skillful action - Good karma
  • Metta - Forgiveness
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Attitudes to Suffering

  •  Duty to Help others and follow Jesus' example:
  • The parable of the Sheep and Goat
  • 'Love thy neighbor, like thyself'
  • Encourages Reconcilation - The parable of the prodigial son 
  • 'Suffering produces perserverance, character and hope'
  • Suffering is inevitable and should be overcome
  • Four Noble Truths 
  • Overcome by acceptance and eightfold path
  • 1st Precept - avoid causing suffering 
  • Bodhisattvas
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Attitudes to the treatment of Criminals

  • Prison population has doubled since 1993
  • 70/117 prisons in england are overcrowded
  • 29% less staff in last 4 years
  • Corporal punishment allowed in schools until 1987 - now illegal
  • Breaches Ahimsa - Bad Karma
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Forgiveness: Christianity

  • 'Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing' - Jesus on the cross
  • 'Not 7 times, but 77' Matthew 18 - How many times should we forgive, Jesus answered 
  • Parable of the Prodigial Son 
  • 'Forgive us our sin as we forgive those who sin against us' - Lord's Prayer
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Forgiveness: Buddhism

  • Forgiveness - Letting go of anger/hatred - 3 poison
  • 'holding onto anger is like holding on to a hot coal' - Only you get hurt/Suffer 
  • 'those who wrap themselves in hatred is not quenched' - dwelling on anger will get you stuck in a constant cycle of suffering 
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Death Penalty Statistics

  • 3 pardons since 1950s
  • 1/25 exonerated deaths
  • Higher Murder rates in US (DP+)
  • Death Row Saves Taxpayer money 
  • £30,000 per person per year 
  • Principle of Utility - Maximum happiness to victim and society 
  • Ruth Ellis -Last person on death row 1959
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Death Penalty: Christian Views

  • 'Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed' Genesis
  • Thomas Aquinas said protecting society is more important than reform of offender
  • COE not Repealed Article 37: Christian Men can be punished by death for heinous/Grievous offenses
  • Sancity of Life - Only God can take life
  • Christ came to reform sinners e.g. Woman who commited adultery 
  • 'Turn the other cheek'
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Death Penalty: Buddhist Views

  • Thailand - Buddhist country ,still uses CP for over 30 crimes
  • Breaks 1st precept - Ahimsa 
  • 'An action, even if it brings benefit to oneself, cannot be considered a good action if it brings physical and mental pain to others' - Buddha
  • Can have negative karmic effects on both offender and punisher - Poor rebirth
  • Inhumane/ Violent/ Doesn't solve the problem 
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