The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning - Characters - Bradley Manning

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  • Bradley Manning
    • Central Character
    • Played by the entire cast
    • Emotionally fragile and volatile individual
    • He is bipolar, yet intelligent
    • Shown from ages fourteen to twenty-three
    • Bullied at school which becomes a running theme throughout the play.
    • Dislike for injustice
      • He has his own ideas of what he thinks is right and wrong
    • Has a temper and his mood suddenly changes
    • Joined the army to help people.
      • Becomes disillusioned
    • Struggles with his sexuality
      • His identity
      • He is Gay
    • Troubled individual
    • Play Jumps back an forth in time which suggests continual links to Bradley's experiences and his actions.
    • horrified by what he had discovered in the information he has hacked into and his decision to leak the files is none in attempt to expose the military
    • Very Complex Character
    • His psychological struggles are very clear and the military turn this against him
    • The Fact that all the chorus play Bradley at least once, reinforces this multi-faceted aspect to his personality.
      • With each new actor we potentially see a different side to Bradley.
    • Actors wear glasses when they become him.


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