Continuing Problems: EARTHQUAKE

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Continuing Problems: EARTHQUAKE

Two months after the quake, in March, the rainy season began. At
this point, 50,000 survivors were still sleeping rough and 500,000
more were crowded into makeshift camps. The rain then turned these
camps into mud and slush, causing further secondary hazards such
as mudslides and disease outbreaks. The UN increased its relief
appeal to US$1.44 billion and aimed to distribute plastic tarpaulin to
1,500 families a day.

CASE STUDY Iceland Eruption - MEDC

o Eyjafjallajokull is in southern Iceland, 160km from the capital Reykjavik.
o Constructive plate boundary – the mid-Atlantic Ridge between the North American Plate and Eurasian Plate
o 1666m Shield volcano

· Has always been volcanically active but not since 1823
· 14th April it began an explosive eruptive phase

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