Impacts of Earthquakes

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Earthquakes have primary and secondary impacts

The primary impacts of an earthquake are the immediate effects of the ground shaking. The secondary impacts are the effects that happen later on. Here are a few examples of the possible impacts:

Primary Impacts:

1) Bulidings and bridges collapse.

2) People are injured or killed by buildings and bridges collapsing.

3) Roads, railways, ports and aiports are damaged.

4) Electricity cables are damaged, cutting off supplies.

5) Gas pipes are broken, causing leaks and cutting off supplies.

6) Telephone poles and cables are destroyed.

7) Underground water and sewage pipes are broken, causing leaks and cutting of supplies.

Secondary Impacts:

1) Earthquakes can trigger landslides and tsunamis- these destroy more buldings and cause more injuries and deaths.

2) Leaking gas can be ignited, starting fires.

3) People are left homeless.

4) People may suffer psychological problems if they knew people who died or if they lose their home etc.

5) There's a shortage of clean water and a lack of proper sanitation…


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