Imapacts of Earthquakes

What are the 

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Primary impacts of earthquakes

The primary impacts of an earthquakes are the imeediate effects od the ground shaking. 

  • Buildings and bridges collapse.
  • Poeple ate injured or killed by buildings and brudges collapsing.
  • Roads, railways, ports and airports are damaged.
  • Electricity cables are damaged, cutting off supplies.
  • Gas pipes are broken, causing leaks abd cutting off supplies.
  • Telephone poles and cables are destroyed.
  • Underground water and sewage pipes are broken, causing leaks and cutting off supplies.
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Secondary impacts of eathquakes

The secondary impacts of earthqueakes are the effect that happen later on.

  • Earthquakes can trigger landslides and tsunamis - these destroy more buildings and cause more injuries and eath. 
  • Leaking gas can be ignited, starting fires.
  • People are left homeless.
  • People may suffer psychological problems if they knew people who dies or if they lose their home etc.
  • There's a shortage of clean water and a lack of proper sanitation - this makes it easier for dieases to spread
  • Roads ar eblocked or destroyed so aid and emergency vehicles can't get through.
  • Businesses are damaged or destroyed, causing unemployment.
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People continue to live in areas where earthquakes

  • They've always lived there - moving away would mean leaving friends and family.
  • They're employed in the area. If poeple move they would have to find new jobs.
  • They're confident of support from ther government after an earthquake, e.g. to help rebuild houses.
  • Some people think that severe earthquakes won't happen again in the area, so it's safe to live there.
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