Concepts and Definitions

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An activity undertaken purely for enjoyment and amusement with no other objectives

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Unplanned behaviour/unconstrained behaviour

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Codes of behaviour/conditions that govern behaviours or actions

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Reaching an agreement through discussion and comprimise

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Acquiring the skills and rules to enable an individual to successfully interact with other individuals or within a community

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Time during which you have no obligation to friends or family and are free to engage in self-directed and chosen activities

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Selecting, deciding, the act of free will

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Engage in activities that refresh, relax and allow the recreation of ones self after the rigours of work and day to day life

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To make anew, to go back to an earlier state

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Physical Recreation

Engaged in physical activity to refresh, relax and allow the recreation of oneself after the rigours of work and day to day life

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Active leisure

Being physically active in your leisure time

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Lifetime Sport or Activity

Activities that can be undertaken in their normal form, or sometimes as an adapted form, all the way through an individual's life

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Outdoor Recreation

Recreation that takes place and uses the natural environment

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Adventure Activity

A form of outdoor recreation that involves a degree of risk or challenge. The level of challenge or risk is determined by the nature of the environment and the experience of the participant.

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Adventure Education

An adventure activity that is undertaken as a part of school or an educational programme, with educational objectives

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Outdoor Education

School work, lessons or curriculum activities that take place in the natural environment

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Perceived Risk

The participant believes themselves to be in risk or in some form of danger. Linked to the performer's level of experience and skill. Sometimes known as subjective risk/danger.

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Actual Risk

The activity carries a level of risk or danger regardless of the individual's experience and skill level. Sometimes known as objective risk.

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The forgetting of the pressures, concerns and stresses of everyday life, often linked to outdoor activities

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Outdoor Activities

Physical recreation that requires and makes use of the natural environment

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Wanting to win, to defeat others

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Anti-Social Behaviour

Behaviour that is contrary to the needs of the community or wider society

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Institutionalised, competitive activities that involve vigorous exertion or the use of relatively complex skills by individuals whose participation is motivated by a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

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Physical Education

A formalised body of knowledge and experience taught within an educational establishment

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Learning through the Physical

Being educated through the use of physical activity

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Health-Related Fitness

Fitness activities that contribute to improvements or maintainence of health

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Extra-Curricular Activity

A physicak activity undertaken in school outside of curriculum time

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Personal Development

To progress as an individual, using one's abilities more effectively

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