Definitions- AS P.E- psychology

The definitions of topics covered in the psychology part of PE 

(positive reinforcement, thorndikes law, negative transfer, distributed practice)


Definition of positive reinforcement?

  • Withdrawing or not giving praise/ reward after an unsuccessful performance.
  • Or removing an unpleasant experience to encourage successful performance.
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Definition of reaction time?

  • The time between the first presentation of the stimulus to the start of the movement.
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Definition of thorndikes law of exercise?

  • Practice/repetition is required to strengthen the S-R bond.
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Definition of distributed practice?

  • practice sessions with rest periods/ breaks included.
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Definition of negative transfer?

  • when the learning of a new task is interfered with by the knowledge of a similar activity. 
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Definition of knowledge of performance?

  • information on how well the skill or movement is being performed.
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Definition of arousal?

  • Arousal is a physiological state of alertness and anticipation which prepares the body for action.
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Definition of a continuous skill?

  • No clear start and end. repetition of same skill/ movement. 
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