The importance of colonies to the Greta Powers

How the Kaiser's actions threatened Britain and France

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Key Facts

  • Colonies provided cheap raw materials, goods and export markets.

 -Britain to £1000 million in tax and goods from just one of   it colonies (india) in the period 1750-1900).

-Germany had few colonies and wanted more yet Britain and France knew any gains Germany would make would be at their expense and this caused tension.

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Moroccan Crisis 1905

1. In 1904 Briatin and France signed the Entente Cordiale and the germani Kaiser wnated to test how strong this was and try to move Britain and France further apart. He knew France wanted to colonise Morocco so in 1905 he went their and made a speech saying he supported their indpendence.

2. France were furious but they were forced to hold a meeting at Algeciras to resolve the issue. Here, Britain who was determined to minimalise increase in German power and other countries stood by France and said although Morrocco was independent France had special rights within.

3. The Kaiser's plan to move Britain and France further apart failed, as Britain were now more concerned about increase in German power and so agreed to send troops to France if they were attacked by Germany.

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Agadir Crisis 1911

1. France were still trying to seize power of Morocco, and took the opportunity in 1911 when there was a rebellion against the leader, they sent in troops to put down the rebels but also took the chance to gain power. They avoided possible objection from other countries by offering compensation.

2. Germany were not satisfied with this so sent the gunboat the panther to threaten France. But Britain (worried that Germany were trying to set up a port) stood by its ally and threatened Germany with war if they continued to bully France.

3. Germany was forced to back down for a useless part of the French Congo and the whole crisis resulted in Germnay looking foolish as Britain and France proved they were strong allies.

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Explain why there were 2 crisis in Morocco in the

  • There were two crisis in Morocco one in 1905 and one in 1911, there are several reasons why these crisis occured but they are all linked because they were due to Germany objecting to increase in British and French power, and Britain and France trying to resist increase in German power.

1. One reason why there were two crisis was because Germany wanted to test how strong the alliance between Britain and France was, so this made him go to Morocco and make a speech saying he supported their independence in 1905 which sparked the Moroccan crisis, and again tested it by sending the Panther to threaten France in 1911 which sparked of the Agadir crisis.

2. Then another reason why there were tow crises was because these German actions led to France acting furiously and Britain responding in a way that would try and resist increase in German Power. So when France were forced to hold the meeting at Algeciras Britain stoody by its ally and said although Morocco was independent France had special rights within so that Germany couldn't try to increase their power in Morocco. The second crisis was partly caused because when Germany sent the Panther this alarmed Britain as they thought Germany were trying to set up a port which would increase their power, and this is what triggered Britain to threaten wasr on Germany if they continued to ully France.

3. Perhaps the main reason why there were 2 crises in Morocco was because Germany was jealous at the amount of colonies Britain and France has because colonies meant that Britain and France could earn more money and this meant they were more powerful. Therefore, Germany was trying to take actions that would prevent increase in French power and it was these actions which then lead to the crises. In 1905 the Kaiser made his speech saying he supported Moroccan independence to try and prevent French colonisation, and in 1911 said he was not satisfied with the compensation France offered for the colonisation of Morocco, because they did not want France to have control over yet another colony.

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One benefit Britain and France gained from having

Britain and France gained money from their colonies as they provided an export markets, goods and cheap raw materials. Britain gained £1000 million from tax and goods in just one colony (India) between 1750 and 1900

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Briefly explain the tensions over Morocco before 1

1. There were tensions over Morocco because France wanted it as a colony, however, Germany were deliberately trying to prevent this as it would mean increase in French power, so the Kaiser made a speech in 1905 saying he supported Moroccan independence and sent the panther in 1911 to threaten France after they had seized control.

2. There was also tension between Britain and Germany over Morocco as Britain stood by France and in 1905 agreed that France should have special rights within Morocco and in 1911 made Germany back down by threatening war if they continued to bully France over possession of Morocco.

3. Third feature of tensions over Morocco was that twice the Kaiser tried to oppose French colonisation and test the alliance between Britain and France and both times he was forced to back down and looked foolish increasing tensions as Germany was determined not to look foolish in the next contest.

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