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Imperialism / Colonialism 

Imperialism and beginnings of decolonization 


What is Imperialism? 

  • Imperialism means that a stronger power (like an Empire) tries to dominate a weaker one by taking over the land. 
  • One Empire tries to consume smaller ones, often in a race against other powerful nations. 
  • Want for domination
  • New Imperialism also started due to economical and political reasons.
  • These included natural resources, popular press, demand for raw material.

 Changes in Africa

  • Egypt and Tunis stay mostly the same area, no big shift in borders.
  • However, Algeria expands vastly - France now rules 1/3rd of the whole continent.
  • Spain and Italy also get into Africa
  • Britain gains many colonies - in race with France and Germany.
  • Ottomans disappear from Africa
  • Abyssinia is the only independent state left.

What caused New Imperialism?

1.   ECONOMIC INTERESTS - Africa is rich in raw materials like


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