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Casuses:                                                                                                                   > coastal bedrock is unconsolidated weak glacial bolder clays (easily weathered and and eroded).                >longshore drift carries eroded material southwards.>pervailing north eastly waves attackt the coast.>large waves undercut the cliffs through abrasion, hydraulic action, freeze thaw, weathering and solution etc

Effects:                                                                                                                    > landslides, mud flows, rock fall and cliff collapse, erosion of the coastline.> loss of housing(S), Loss of farms(EC), caravan parks and other busisnesses(EC), loss of habitat(EN)and loss of communications(S).

Responses:                                                                                                          >council purchase of cliff top, demiltion of cliff top properties and lack of insure for builldings. (SHORT TERM)>Intergrated coastal zone management, migration,hold the line/retreat the line, coastal defences i.e. groynes,seawalls,revetments etc. (LONG TERM)

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>70% of bangladesh lies below sea level, recivevs snow melt fromt the Himalayas and long periods of rainfall.

>deforestation, urabanisation and poorly maintained embankments leading to less river capacity.


>30M people homeless, 100,000 suffered form diarrhoea in dhaka



>A dam was built in India- increased sediment in Bangladesh

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