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Maldives- impact of sea level rise

  • ECONOMIC- in debt if they ask Japan for 3m sea wall, damages fishing industry and reduces tourist income
  • ENVIRONMENTAL- loss of beach means no attraction and loss of habitats, soil is 20cm deep so floods prevent crops from growing, damage to coral so fish die
  • SOCIAL- fresh water supply polluted by salt and people having to leave in 7 years
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Barton on sea- causes of cliff collapse

  • Hydraulic action at the base of the cliff
  • causes a wave cut notch which cannot support face of cliff
  • face of cliff collapses inland
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Minhead- costal defences

  • 60cm sea wall
  • 4 groynes
  • £2000 if storm hit but only £1200 to get defences
  • rock armour 
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porlock- managed retreat

  • in storms the shingle beach was being broken through
  • farm land was being destroyed which means loss in money for farmers
  • so they made a concious descicion to let the land flood
  • this created marsh land which enhanced biodiversity and acted as a natural barrier
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keyhaven marshes- formation

  • formed by shingle being deposited in slower moving areas e.g behind spit or bar
  • pioneer plant called codgrass formed and trapped more sediment
  • Marsh grass became a habitat to blue butterfly ect- vegetation success
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keyhaven marshes- threats

  • trampling on codgrass from tourists
  • this can kill animals and habitats e.g. spider
  • litter can pollute the marsh
  • construction of groynes to the west of the marsh means less sediment being trapped in codgrass
  • sea level rise means the plants and animals get submerged beneath water
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keyhaven marshes- management

  • shoreline management plan in 1996 added 300,000 of shingle and 550 of rock armour
  • SSSI part of national nature reserve to protect biodiversity
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East anglia- impacts of sea level rise

  • in 1953 huge storm which killed 300 people
  • will rise by 28-43cm by end of century
  • kings lynn under threat- agriculterual land at risk
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