Coastal Processes Keywords

These cards include the definitions of many coastal processes that occur upon a coastal environment.

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Wave Keywords




4)Prevailing wind

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Wave keywords Definitions.

1) Movement of water up and down the beach as a wave breaks.

2) Movement of water down the beach as water from a wave returns to the sea.

3) The length of the stretch of water that the waves have travelled across to reach the coast.

4)The direction the wind usually blows from.

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Constructive and Destructive waves

Both of these waves have different effects on a coastline:



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Constructive and Destructive waves, How they are d

1) They build the beach up because the swash is stronger than the backwash so more material is deposited.

2) They erode the beach because the backwash is stronger than the swash so the waves carry away material from the beach.

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Erosion Processes

1)Hydraulic power




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Erosion Processes Definitions

1) The force of water and air pushed into the cracks of a cliff which causes it to shatter.

2) The force of pebbles and rocks thrown against the cliff causing pieces to break off.

3) Pebbles rubbing together in the water making smooth rocks.

4) A chemical reaction that is particularly good at wearing away limestone.

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Transportation Processes

1) Traction

2) Saltation

3) Suspension

4) Solution

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Transportation Processes Definitions

1) Large rocks are dragged along the bottom of the sea.

2) Pebbles bounce along the bottom

3) Tiny material is carried along in the water

4) Some rocks dissolve in the sea water

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