Civil Law

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Contract Law, Tort Law and Family Law

  • Contract law- phone bills being wrongly charged, holiday company not giving you what you signed and paid for, buying a car that has faulty issues.
  • Tort law- neglegence to children safety, newspaper article falsely printing stories.
  • Family law- custody of children, dividing posessions between people through a divorce.

Those who bring cases to court are called a claimant. This is when people claim against a company/Individual. These take place in the County or High court.

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Criminal law- what types of cases and which courts

 Types of cases that can appear in criminal courts are: Murder, theft, arson, assault and battery, manslaughter and gross neglegence.

GBH with intention is the most extreme from of grevious bodily harm. Plain GBH is when someone loses it for a split second and reacts violently.

Fraud- property crime/ Accounting fraud-lying about profits to investors.

Criminal law cases go to the Crown and Magistrates court.

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House of Commons and House of Lords

House of Commons

  • Elect members
  • Citizens in the UK with a british passport
  • Those with a mental illness are not allowed
  • Most people in the House of Commons will become Lords

House of Lords

  • Need a title ( lord, lady, baron, baroness)
  • Usually through their family name and background


  • They have the highest authority in terms of legal cases
  • Create, change and remove laws
  • check the work of the government


  • Rougly 100 members fo the political party
  • MP's- Liberal democrats and conservatives ( coalition)
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The Pre-Legislative procedure

Green papers - A document on what the government want and all the views are put forward

White papers- following this the government will procede to publish a white paper whith the final proposal for the new law.

Consultative documents:

Green paper- Rough draft / White paper - formal consultation

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