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What is law?
A body of rules, imposed and enforced,
among the members of a given state.…read more

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The two types of law
The law is often
divided into:
· civil law
· criminal law.…read more

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Civil law
Civil law concerns
the rights and duties
that people or
companies owe to
each other.…read more

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Civil Law
Key Points
· There is NO prosecution or punishment in civil
· A person brings an action against another and
asks the court for a remedy (e.g. damages).
· The process of starting a civil law action is
known as `suing'.
· The person starting the action is known as the
· The person being sued is known as the
`defendant'.…read more

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Main Branches of
Civil Law
· Contract law
· Law of tort
· Family law
· Company law.…read more

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Criminal Law
Key Points
· The aim of criminal law is to prosecute and
punish the wrong-doer.
· The police conduct most criminal
· The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) brings
most prosecutions.
· The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)
heads the CPS.
· The person who is being prosecuted is known
as the `defendant'.…read more

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