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Opportunities for participation in democracy

  • voting in elections and referendums
  • membership of political parties
  • joinging intrest groups, pressure groups and protest groups
  • social media and petistions
  • the magistracy and civil courts
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Barriers to participation in democracy

  • age- many things require you to be 18+
  • time and money limitations- some groups require time and money envolvemnet such as a membership
  • apathy and indiufference (not caring)
  • misinformation and 'fake'/biased news ultering our opinions
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Joining an interest group


  • get involved with a cause you belive in 
  • meet likeminded and sympathetic people who share your views
  • furthur a cause and help to do good in your community


  • echo chamber phenomenon- people in your group will just reinforce your views and wont contradict them
  • you open yourself up to online trolling and cyberbulling
  • there are time and money commitments
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Joining a political party


  • potential progression in party or career opertunity
  • influence policy and individuals
  • suppot philosiphy or individual you agree with


  • cost- might require a donation or subscription
  • takes efforet or time that someone might not have
  • potential alienation from friends and/or family
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Standing as a candidate for election


  • raised profile and status
  • ability to influence debate and get your voice heard


  • it's a time, effort and money commitment
  • opening yourself up to abuse and ridicule
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The role of organisations: interest groups and pre

1- campaign for oor against a certain policy

2- represent specific group of people

3- raise awareness of a problem or issue


  • Stonewall- campaigned for LGBTQ+ rights
  • Fathers4Justice- campaigned for rights of estranged fathers
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The role of organisations: made unions

1- representing employees at tribunals and other inportant meetings

2- campaign for employee rights within the industry

3- organise and vote on industal actions (e.g. strikes)

4- provide advice and guidence to its members


  • The PCS- union for civil service
  • The National Union of Students
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The role of organisations: charities and volunteer

1- take practicle action to relieve a problem

2- provide care, people and/or services

3- run not-for-profit buisnesses

4- campaign and fundraise around an issue


  • The RSPCA
  • Mind- a mental health charity
  • Save the Children
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Citizens working together- Examples of resolving i

1- Extinction rebellin- citizens working together to raise awareness of climate change through protests and civil disobedience

2- The RSPCA- citizens work together to take practical action to re-home animals

3- The Royal British Legion- citizens working together to fundraise for veterains

4- Stonewall- citizens working together to campaign for the rights of a particular group (LGBTQ+)

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Using the media to bring change

1- Social media use campaigns, events and 'memes' to make a point or put forward an opinion

2- Traditional radio or TV reach a larger (ofter older) audience

3- Newspapers and Magazines reach a wide, usually targeted audience

4- Press releases and events generate headlines and controversy to influency news and agendas 

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