• Minor e.g. SNP, UKIP, Plaid Cymru etc.
  • Major e.g. Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats

Political Spectrum= LEFT WING TO RIGHT WING (downwards)

  • Communism: All resources in nation owened by state
  • Socialism: System of common ownership, more equality and robust welfare for those in need. (Labour)
  • Liberalism: Less gov. interference, more individual rights, laws only passed to improve society. (Lib Dems)
  • Conservatism: Belief in tradition, family values and authoity. Private ownership and free enterprise. (Conservatives)
  • Fascism: Authoritarian and nationalistic, typically run by dictator using force.

Key Policies of major parties


  • Formed to represent working classes, responsible for NHS and welfare state
  • Education: Free education and National Education Service
  • Health: Increase tex bill of top earners to fund NHS
  • Economic: Reinstate public ownership of sectors e.g. railways. Increase taxation of richest.
  • Social: Extend welfare to meet need, promote equality


  • Formed to represent middle ground between labour and conservative
  • Education: Reinstate uni grants for poorer students
  • Health: tax everyone more to fund NHS
  • Economic: Boost economy with a programme of capital investment
  • Social: Reverse cuts to benefits for 18-21 y/os.


  • Formed with principles to protect British culture and traditions, promote private ownership and enterprise.
  • Education: Create more selective schools
  • Health: Real terms increase in NHS spending
  • Economic: Increase free trade, limit welfare, decrease gov. spending
  • Social: Encourage more home ownership


  • 650 MPs, each represent their consituency.



  • 18 or over
  • British or Irish citizen
  • Eligible Commonwealth citizen
  • Nominated by 10 electors in consituency 
  • able to pay £500 deposit (returned if 5% of votes won)
  • authorised to stan for political party OR choosing to be an independant candidate

Non Elgible:

  • Civil servant, police force, armed force, judge or Church of England bishop
  • government nominated director of commercial company
  • peer in House of Lords
  • Subject of bankruptcy restrictions
  • convicted and imprisoned for over a year
  • found guilty of electorral corruption within last 5 years

Process of Selection:

  • Loads of people join and become politically active in their chosen party
  • Parties advertise for candidates, those who are eligible and interested apply
  • Parties may have a list of prospective candidates who are politically active or advisors on areas of…


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