Christian Attitudes to Euthanasia

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Christian Attitudes to Euthanasia

Many Christians do not accept euthanasia.

Why some Christians think it's wrong:-

  • It goes against the sanctity of life argument
  • It is seen as murder because it takes away the life of a human
  • Only God has the right to take away life
  • Euthanasia could be used for evil purposes
  • No person should value themselves as so worthless that it would be better to die
  • No one should be able to make a judgement about the value of another person's life
  • Doctors or relatives may make the decision without involving the patient
  • Life should be valued, even when someone is in pain
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Other Views

Some Christians are more accepting of euthanasia, and believe that God intends people to have a good quality of life. Some might argue that euthanasia in this case is the lesser of two evils.

Hopices: provide good quality pain relief, support the dying and their families, and help the dying prepare for death

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