Christian and Islam Teachings for an RS Exam

A list of teachings that can be used for both the Religion & Life and Religion & Society exams.


Christian Teachings - LEGIT

* Useful Mnemomic - LEGIT

L - "Love your Neighbour"

E - "Eye for an Eye"

G - Golden Rule (Treat others as you wist to be treated)

I - " a Temple" (Your body)

T - "Turn the other Cheek"

Other Quotes

* "Blessed are the Peacemakers"

* "It is not be alone"

* "I believe in the resurection of the body and the life everlasting"

* "Be beautiful in your heart by being kind"

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Islamic Teachings - ATARI

* Useful Mnemonic - ATARI

A -"Allah is Merciful and Compassionate"

T - "Take not life except for Just Cause"

A - "Adultery shall be Punished / is Forbidden"

R - "Righteous deeds shall be Rewarded"

I - "If a person forgives his reward is due from God"

Other Quotes

* "Fight in the cause of Allah"

* "No one dies unless God permits"

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Chhristian & Islamic Teachings

The 5 S's

 - Stewardship

 - Sanctity of Life

 - Samaritan (the Good)

 - Sheep and Goats

 - Situation Ethics

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