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Our  mortal lives are a test and we will be judged according to how we have lived.

Our human existence will continue after death:our earthly life is just a preparation for the eternal life to come.  Belief in the final judgement and life after death.

This life is a preparation for the eternal life that follows. On the last day there will be a time of judgement, when Muslims will have to account for their lives.

"Verily,the next life is better for you than this life."

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The channel of communication between God and humanity is called risalah; the prophets are our guides. 

There are human-beings chosen to carry guidance to people."

"And We send not the messenger except as bringers of good tidlings and Waners" .

 The Qur’an teaches that every generation has been given its own prophet, bringing God’s message in a book. 

 The message brought by the Prophet Muhammad is essentially the same message as had been preached by all the prophets back to Adam: the need to worship the one, true God, who will be the judge of all.

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Gods divine plan.God has a master plan."

And what can you make know,What is the night of decree?" (97:02).

God known's all things int the greatest detail,with accuracy that we,as humans,could never imagine.everything happens is predestined. 

 The message brought by the Prophet Muhammad is essentially the same message as had been preached by all the prophets back to Adam: the need to worship the one, true God, who will be the judge of all.

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 God created angels to interact with human lives, bringing his divine message. 

Each Muslim has two guardian angels who record that person’s good and bad actions.

Islam teaches that angels are heavenly, immortal beings, God’s first creation.‘Glory to thee, of knowledge we have none, save what Thou hast taught’. (2:32)

 They are God’s messengers, the channels through which we can become aware of his laws and his purposes in our lives.

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Six Belief of Islam

Belief in the day of judgement.

Belief in the messenger of God

Belief in per-destination

Belief in Angels

Belief in God

Belief in Gods revealed Books

"The angles,his holy books,his messenger in the Last day and life after Death."

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The Nature of Allah

Transcedent-God is beyond all things,not limited by the rules of nature.

Immanet-God is always close by.God is closer to each one of us than the viens in our necks(50:16)

Beneficient -God is always kind;he loves us

Omniscient -God has all knowledge, nothing can be hidden from him.  

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Resurrection-The belief that, on the Day of Judgement, there will be a resurrection, when all human beings will be physically raised to life to be judged by God. He will reward the good and the punish the evil.                                                                                                    The oneness of God-There is one God who has no equals; he is a divine unity. He cannot be compared to anyone or anything. He is perfect and unique and he possesses infinite power and knowledge. He is immortal (he was never born) and has no partner or children. He alone should be worshipped. “He is God, [who is] One, God, the Eternal Refuge.’

The justice of God- God is perfect justice, fairness and wisdom. He does not wrong anyone and he will not tolerate wrongdoing. He cannot abuse his power by performing acts that go against his own nature to be just and fair. Humans must be responsible for their own actions, good or bad.

Prophethood -God has appointed prophets and messengers to guide human beings, showing them how to live in peace and submission to God. According to some Islamic sources, God sent 124,000 prophets; some of these bought divine scriptures with them, from God. Muhammad was the Seal of the Prophets, meaning that he brought the final, perfect and unchanging message from God.  Leadership -All Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last prophet, who brought the final scripture (the Qur’an) to humanity.

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Holy Book

▶ Sahifah: the Scrolls of Ibrahim, now lost

▶ Tawrat (Torah): the revelation given to Musa (Moses)

▶ Zabur (Psalms): given to Dawud (David)

▶ Injil (Gospel): the teaching given to Isa (Jesus)

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