Chinese Civil War

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What were the principles of the GMD?

  • To free China from foreign domination
  • The principle of the "People's livelihood"
  • To create a democratic government
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Describe Chiang's regime

  • Right-wing
  • Nationalist
  • Did NOT aim at expelling foreign powers
  • Lasted from 1928-1949
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What happened in the Sian incident?

  • One of the GMD war generals (Manchurian) was persuaded by the CCP to use his contacts to embarrass Chiang
  • Chiang is captured by his own
  • Chiang is accused of treason
  • It seems clear that he will be executed
  • However, Mao sends Zhou En-Lai to negotiate Chiang's release
  • Chiang would be freed on the condition that the GMD would join the CCP in a 2nd United Front to expel the Japanese
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What did the GMD regime do after leaving Shanghai?

  • Borrow great amounts of money from the US
  • Nationalize banks
  • Increase taxes
  • Print more money bills, fuelling an inflation which was already lingering due to the war in China
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Why was the GMD army ****?

  • Lack of fighting morale
  • Lack of discipline
  • Parts of the army belonged to warlord generals; not necessarily loyal to the regime
  • Forcibly recruited conscripts were cruelly treated
  • Desertions would be an increasingly big problem as the war continued
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Weaknesses of the GMD regime

  • Weakness of the army, due to a lack of fighting morale, and disloyalty
  • A corrupt, and weak government
  • A faltering economy (hyperinflation, raising taxes, nationalising banks)
  • Chiang was completely dependent on US support
  • As a result of his economic policies, the inflation, his authoritarian rule, his lack of patriotism during the war, his ill-treatment of the peasant population, Chiang would lose support even from those urban people who had previously supported him
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Strengths of the CCP

  • A strong Red Army using efficient, and realistic fighting tactics
  • The Communists effectively developing local government local government in the countryside
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Describe Mao's 1st year in power

  • Communists needed the contributions of all Chinese people, ie. not everyone was forced to be communist yet
  • A multi-party was temporarily allowed to exist
  • New gov't dealt with: organized crime, prostitution
  • Go'vt would be cautious with: old, middle-class and business people
  • Women; new law prevented pre-arranged marriages from occuring. Aim was to make women the equals of men
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Describe the 1st year of the Civil War

  • CCP continued guerilla warfare; withdrawing into any big battles with the GMD troops, who were more numerous, and far better equipped
  • This allowed them to cut off cities held by the GMD, forcing them to waste time fighting to keep supply lines and communications with Nanjing open
  • Communsits and their Red Army continued their policies towards the rural population (to help, to educate, to indoctrinate) assured them of growing support
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