child development

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What are my gross motor skills?

Gross motor skills are the development of the larger muscle groups such as a child's arms or their legs

How will they develop?

They will develop by completing activites such as walking, running and climbing. These will then develop further as they get older and they will become more complicated for the child to do as they get older. This is so that the child develops more as they grow older and can then focus on other areas of their development.

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What are fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills are the development of the smaller muscle groups such as a child's fingers or their toes.

How will they develop?

Fine motor skills will develop through activities like threading beads and painting. Just like gross motor skills the activities that they do will get more complicated over time so that they can develop more and then focus on other areas of their development that are maybe not as strong.

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What is a concept?

Understanding of physical things that can be seen or felt.

Different concepts include:

Concepts include things like time, shape, colour, size, names of family members,  pattersns, letters, numbers, foods, temperature and mass.

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What is a percentile chart?

A percentile chart is done by a health visitor and they go to the hosue of the child and measure their height and their weight and other tests like this to check that the child is developing well and is in the right milestone of development for their particular age.

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What is sensory development?

Sensory development is the development of a child's senses (smell, taste, hear, touch, sight)

How will they develop?

They will develop their sensory development through things like touching toys with different textures, by tasting different things and also through exploritary play, this can also be done by when the child is teething and they begin to put everything they see in their mouth.  

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What is emotional development?

Emotional development is the development that children go through where they develop all of their different emotions such as love through bonding.

How will this develop?

Emotional development will be developed through things like bonding, also when they recognise familiar faces such as their parents of family friends because they will then know that they are someone close to them and will develop feelings such as happieness or joy. They may also experience seperation anxiety when their parents leave

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What is social development?

This is where a child develops socially, they learn the norms of society and also how to make friends, share toys and take turns.

How will they develop?

Things to do with social development will be develped by children making new friends often through play or joining nursery, they will also develop their social development by playing next to children and seeing how they play with their toys.

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What is physical development?

Physical development is the development that takes place when a child learns how to do things such as walk, run or climb. This is done because they are using all their muscles and completing physical activities to develop them.

How will they develop?

Physical development will develop by taking your child out and completing activities e.g. going to the park, this would also help to develop a child's gross motor skills and possibly fine motor skills and both of these play a massive part in the physical development of a child.

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What is intellectual development?

Intellectual development is the development of a child's cognitive skills and abilities, it is all todo with the development of the brain and how they leanr how to retain information and complete basic puzzles which then help when they start their school lives.

How will this develop?

A child will develop their cognitive skills by doing basic maths skills such as adding and subtracting and also by completing other activities to do with all areas of their school work e.g. learning number and the order they go in or learning the alphabet and how to spell certain words.

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What is language development?

This type of development is pretty self-explanitory, it is the development of how children learn to communicate and understand us, without this they wouldnt be able to understand or follow commands or they wouldnt be able to communicate effectively with other people.

How will this develop?

This will develop by giving the child things that will interact with them such as books, also this will develop through primary socialisation which will help the child to understand discipline and also help the child to copy what the parent is saying to them.

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