human growth and development infancy

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  • human growth and development infancy 0-3
    • physical
      • babies develop rapidly during the first 3 years of life.
      • at around 6 months they can roll over this is an example of gross motor skills
      • they are born with a number of physical abilities these include rooting, grasp reflex and walking reflexes.
    • intellectual
      • a childs ability to use and understand language is part of their intellectual development
      • an infants brain development is they key for intellectual development
      • during the first years of life, inputs such as visual or verbal language is necessary for areas of the brain to grow. without this growth a child's vision or speaking abilities might be impaired.
    • social and emotional
      • they need to develop feelings of security early which can help with the bonding process.
      • developing relationships is important for a babies' social and emotional development
      • social development increases when children playing nearby, this is known as parallel play. as a child begins to play with other children they become involved in cooperative play


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