Chemistry unit 2: new materials

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memory alloys

1) Nitinol is a "shape memory alloy".

2) When Nitinol cools you can bend and twist it.

3) When you heat it above a certain temperature it goes back to a remembered shape (it's original shape).

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Nano particles

1) Nano particles are really tiny particles that only contain a few hundred atoms.
2) Nano particles have a huge surface area compared to their volume.
3) A nano particle has very different properties to the bulk chemical it's made from.

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Uses of nano particles.

1) New catalysts.
2) Sensors that can detect one type of molecule and nothing else.
3) Stronger and lighter building materials.
4) New cosmetics e.g. Sun tan cream and deodorant.
5) New lubricant coatings that reduce friction a bit like ball bearings.
6) Tiny electric circuits for computer chips.

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