Chemistry - Polymers and ethanol from oil

Polymer and ethanol from oil 

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What does cracking do?

What happens to fractions containing large molecules? What does it do?

What is the difference between alkanes and alkenes?

What is the general formula for alkenes?

What is the formula for ethene

Name two things alkenes can be used to make?

What is ethanol?

What is ethanol usually used for?

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It breaks down the large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller molecules

They are passed over a hot catalyst. This breaks down the chemical bonds in the molecule and forms a smaller hydrocarbon molecule 

Alkanes are made up of single bonds and are saturated. Alkenes are made up of double bond and are unsaturated which makes them more reactive.



Plastics (polymers), Alcohol (ethanol) 

Ethanol is a type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer


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How can ethanol be made?

What is another way ethanol can be made?

What can alkene's be used to make?

What are the small molecules called?

Name three things that modern polymers are used for:

What is good about polymers?

What is bad about polymers?

However many polymers can be...

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It can be made by reacting ethene with steam




Waterproof coatings, fillings for teeth, dressing for cuts

They are un-reactive  

They are not biodegradable so it's hard to dispose of them


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