Chemistry F322 Modern Analytical Techniques


Alcohols (C-O and O-H)

  • Strong absorption at 3100 - 3500cm-1 for an O-H bond in an alcohol
  • Sharp peak at 1050cm-1 from the C-O bond.


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Carboxylic Acids (C=O, C-O and O-H)

  • Very broad absorption at 2500-3000cm-1 for the O-H bond.
  • Sharp peak at 1710cm-1 for the C=O bond.
  • Sharp peak at 1300cm-1 for the C-O bond.

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Carbonyls (C=O)

  • Sharp absoption at 1715cm-1
  • ^This absorpion is also found in carboxylic acids and esters


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Esters (C=O and C-O)

  • Sharp absorption at 1250cm-1 for the C-O bond.
  • Sharp absoption at 1750cm-1 for the C=O bond.
  • Absence of a broad absoprtion between 2500 and c500cm-1 - this means that no O-H bonds are present.


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