Characters in Arcadia

A short set of cards on the characters of Arcadia and their roles in the play.

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Thomasina Coverly

  • Immediate naivety (asks Septimus what carnal embrace is)
  • Inquisitive personality and very intelligent/ portrayed as genius (Asks is God is a Newtonian)
  • Not afraid of expressing individual opinions even if they contradict previously acceptable concepts
  • Capable of innovative, independent thought, "In my opinion Mr Noakes' scheme... is perfect"
  • Contributes to exploration of maths and science in the play through the rice pudding theory
  • The change in her ideas represents development of ideas throughout the play. Thomasina's interest in maths and science ---> interest in kissing, waltzing represents dispute between Romanticism and Enlightenment.
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Septimus Hodge

  • Interested in the acquisition of knowledge, not just personal gain
  • Proud of his intelligence
  • Womanizer: witty and sarcastic
  • Often sets up farcical situations and takes advantage of Chater's stupidity
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Lady Croom

  • Makes use of epigrammic wit "educated beyond eligibility"
  • Traditionalist, dislikes change
  • Controlling and determined- bends guests to her will (debate on the author of the Castle of Ontranto)
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Bernard Nightingale

  • Pompous "arrogant, greedy and reckless" (sc5)
  • Refuses to accept his ideas might be wrong
  • Pushy, direct and demanding
  • Romantic
  • Makes inferences and conclusions on unproved principles. Doesn't like giving other people credit.
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Hannah Jarvis

  • Intelligent and confident, competitive with Bernard
  • Reflects Enlightenment era
  • Reserved and cynical towards opposite sex
  • This reflected in down to earth appearance (stage directions)
  • Independent woman, proud of her achievements, works hard
  • Based on facts, not theories like Bernard "the whole Romantic sham, Bernard!"
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