Character Notes: Lady Croom

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Lady Croom

The dame of the house is a very controlling and determined person. She uses her position as a force to bend her guests to her will, especially Chater. "Mr. Chater, you are a welcome guest at Sidley Park but while you are one, The Castle of Otranto was written by whomsoever I say it was..." (13). Her husband is often out hunting and her passion for Hodge is secretive for only the beginning of the play.

Lady Croom is the mother of Thomasina, the sister of Captain Brice and the Lady of the manor. She is very aware of her daughter's intelligence and realises that Thomasina is intellectually superior to herself.

As a character she is very set in her ways and is a traditionalist, believing that Thomasina should not be "educated beyond eligibility". She is keen to stick by her morals and this is shown by the way


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