Changing life in Nazi Germany

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Solving Economic Problems

National Labour Service (RAD) - 18-25 year old men had to join for 6 months training as a soldier

The Four Year Plan - Preparing for war, producing arms - ensuring Germany was self-sufficient (Autarky)

Rearmamaent - Conscription

Public Work Schemes - building hospitals, schools, autobahns

Statistics-  No women or Jews included in statistics so unemployment looked lower

Strength Through Joy (KDF) - lesiure opportunities for workers - theatre, short holidays, cruises, Volkswagen - the people's car

Trade unions were banned to control workers - replaced with DAF

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Changing life for Women

Had the vote taken off them, discouraged from working, not allowed to wear make-up or dye their hair, had to keep healthy, encouraged to have children

The three K's - Kinder, Kriche and Kuche - Children, Church and Kitchen

Encouraged to have children

  • Law for the encouragement of marriage - young couple recently married were given a loan of 1000 marks, they could keep a quater for each child they had
  • Motherhood cross - women were awarded a motherhood cross for the amount of childen they had on the anniversary of Hitler's mother - A bronze award for 5 children, a silver award for 6/7 children and a gold award for 8+ children.
  • Lebensborn - Aryan women could go and meet an ** officer to increase the population. They could 'donate' a baby to the Fuhrer.

Women stayed at home and their children started looking down on them

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Youth and Education

Teachers had to belong to the Nazi Teachers' league - had to swear and oath of loyalty to Hitler and promote nazi ideas in the classroom

Curriculum changed - boys did more physical education to prepare them for military, geography/ Girls prepared to have children and look after the home/ Biology - superior race

Textbooks were rewritten to reflect nazi ideas

Hitler youth for boys and German girls league for girls - became compulsory

Boys were instructed in military skills such as shooting, nap reading and drill, they took part in hiking, athletics and camping. šGirls learned domestic skills in preparation for motherhood and marriage.

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How did political policies affect German people?

policing - ** - Hitler's personal bodyguards, Gestapo - secret police, Concentration camps - first one was in Dachau.

Judges and lawyers had to accept nazi ideas

People's court - tried enemies of state

The reichstag was no longer needed and rarely met after 1933

Hitler closed all state parliaments and divided the country into regions. Each region had a reich governor.  š

Cinema – all films had to be given pro-Nazi story lines./šNewspaper – editors told what they could print, German people only read what Nazis wanted them to know./ šRallies – Nuremburg, Hitler made speeches, to showcase Nazis./ šRadio – All stations under Nazi control. / Posters – Get Nazi message out there./ šBooks – Burning of banned books through mass bonfires, all books published had to put across Nazi message.

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Religion and Race issue

Pure Germans - Aryan - tall, blonde hair, blue eyes

The race had been contaminated with sub humans - had to rebuild the race by selective breeding - get rid of jews, mentally ill, physically disabled, blacks and gypsies.

Treatment of Church

  • Hitler thought he could get his message across through church
  • made an agreement with Pope - Concordat
  • National Reich church set up - Mein Kampf instead of Bible, cross replaced with swastika

opposition - Martin Niemoller

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  • Boycott of Jewish shops
  • Jews banned from working in the civil service
  • Jews banned from entering the armed forces
  • The Nuremburg laws - took away Jews rights as a German citizen -

    law for the protection of German blood and honour made it illegal for Jews to marry or be in a relationship with Aryans

  • Jews issued identity cards, Jewis doctors/lawyers banned from treating Aryans
  • Forced to adopt forenames - Israel and Sarah
  • Jewish passports stamped with a Red letter J
  • Kristallnacht - murder of nazi official by polish jew led ot Jewish properties being attacked, synagogues burnt down - forced Jews to pay compensation and many sent to concentration camps
  • Jews evicted and forced into ghettos
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