Challenges from secularisation


Evidence of Christianity in UK

It is a christian country

  • 26 bishops sit in the house of lords 
  • Christianity is ingrained in british culture such as Harry Potter 
  • up to 30%of all primary schools have christian affiliation 

it isn't a Christian country

  • 54% of 'Christians' don't participate in the religion 
  • christian attendance in church is less than 5%
  • now only 12% of population get baptised 

what does it mean to have no religion?

  • there has been a big growth in the 'no religion' census category 
  • 'what is your religion?' Assumes people have one 
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Faith schools

Value of them 

  • they have better academic achievement because there is more discipline 
  • the schools receive funding from the church they belong to 
  • they follow the national curriculum as well as focus on their religion 


  • They are allowed to discriminate on religious terms 
  • they may teach that honosexuality and contraception are wrong 
  • they need to be more inclusive 
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Beliefs conflicting with laws

  • the Lord's Prayer advert was banned as some thought it was an outrage to promote Christianity 
  • flight attendant refused to remove her cross necklace and won the court case
  • the Christin couple who refused to allow a homosexual couple stay in their hotel
  • seculuarisation means to move away from religion 
  • secularism is the belief that secularisation is a benefit to society 
  • some people are committed to the idea of secularisation because religion is associated with violence, oppression and hierarchy 
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Christianity continues to have a role

  • Christians fight for who can't. The homeless and hungry
  • it is becoming a choice
  • science and religion can be brought together (nuclear disarment)

Arweck and Beckford 

  • religion can still gain popularity 
  • it can answer things science doesnt 
  • it plays a key role in social change 
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