Challenges from science


Richard Dawkins

  • He is a renowned scientist and proponent of atheism 
  • he says natural selection explains how there can be the appearance of complex, seemingly improbable things from small and relatively simple causes, saying god designed it is not enough
  • reilgion is an aberration because it doesnt offer reasonable answers but a by-product of human tendency o elders and giving meaning to animals 
  • 'the god of the gaps' is invoked to explain a gap in our knowledge, but the gaps in our knowledge is decreasing meaning god is becoming irrelevant
  • he says when science cannot answer something complex humans turn to god
  • he believes you can't be religious and believe in science
  • he says the gaps should be filled with explanation, exhortation, consolation and inspiration  
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  • They argue that Dawkins has provided no evidence to his argument 
  • they argue that the 'god of gaps' argument is useless as humans require the notion that we live in an intelligible and explainable universe 
  • Dawkins confuses scientism with science with the lack of evidence provided in 'god delusion' 
  • religion nd science work together as there are a number of scientists who are quite clear about their Christian belief 
  • science is limited because there are ultimate questions that lie beyond science and there is never enough evidence to prove them 
  • they say that Dawkins ignores that religion is capable of self-critique and the way it can transform human conflicts and encourage love 
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