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Revelation through Scripture
Reveal something of the nature of God and His plan.
Argument for the existence of God.
Conflicting ideas
o Misinterpretation between different denominations
o Different scriptures between the faiths.
Purpose/intention of the author.
Challenge from science, e.g. the Big Bang Theory, the theory
of evolution.
Challenge from Verification/Falsification.
Scripture = writings of people who have had revelations.
Two types of revelation:
Propositional revelation (direct), e.g. St. Bernadette seeing Mary
at Lourdes.
Nonpropositional revelation (indirect), e.g. realising the beauty of
the creator after seeing a beautiful sunset.
Different interpretations
1. Fundamentalists
Evangelicals, Literalists.
Ussher worked out the universe was created in 4004

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Schweitzer believes that with each generation a change occurs
within its view of Christ ­ this is how he continues to live on.
Galileo said: "The Bible is not to show us how the heavens were
made, but how to get to heaven."
Debate between univocal (literal/one meaning) and equivocal
(many meanings) language.…read more


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