Cell types and structure

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Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic

Plasma membrane-  surface of animal cells  surface of plant cell, Regulates mvt of substances in and out of cells, has receptor molecules to allow it to respond to chemicals like hormones

Microvilli- folds in plasma membrane, Increase surface area for absorbtion, found in small intestine

Nucleus- Large organelle containing chromatin and a nucleolus surrounded by a nuclear envelope which contains pores, Chromatin made of proteins and DNA. Pores allow substances such as RNA to move between nucleus and cytoplasm. Nucleolous makes ribosomes.

Lysosome- Round organelle surrounded by a membrane, with no clear internal structure. Contain digestive enzymes which help digest invading cells or break down worn out components of the cell.

Ribosome- Very small organelle that flats free in the cytoplasm or attatched to Rough ER. SITE WHERE PROTEINS ARE MADE

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